For anyone shooting in fast-moving and/or low-light situations, as well as situations requiring precise shooting, for those with older eyes and new shooters, the Advantage Tactical Sight (ATS) on handguns and long guns demonstrably improves shooting performance.  The ATS is based on simple human brain responsive geometric principles and can be customized to accommodate the individual color perceptions of each shooter.  The ATS is the only technically fixed sight that may be adjusted for windage and elevation.  Our Firefly night sight upgrade is available for those that require sighting in darkness. 


April 2011: I received the sights and put them on a M&P 9mm compact. FYI, I did not require any of the front sight shims to put 124 grain 9mm +P Speer Gold Dot (my preferred load for that gun) right to POA at 15 yards... where I had that gun previously sighted. The bare front sight was close enough. That may change with the longer barrel M&Ps and with other calibers.
Another point that I may not have mentioned to you in the past, but could be important for you to know is: even though I am a IDPA Master, I cannot shoot a match with my fiber optic conventional sights using my regular "street" eyeglasses. I have sets of "computer distance" shooting glasses made up that focuss on the front sight. Without those glasses I cannot focus on the front sight. With the Advantage Tactical Sights I can see the sights and shoot accurately with my street glasses, and that's the reason I have them on my two carry guns (the 9mmC and the G29). It's something that older shooters & aging eyes (mine are 61 years old) should be aware of, and might be a selling point for you. To me, they are outstanding CCW sights!

Former military and private contractor small arms instructor; IDPA Master Class shooter. Chris Christian