ATDDS Advantages:

1. Precision &  Speed! Improves Tactical capability shooting in all light.  Just place the tip-top of the diamond where bullet impact is to occur.

2. Semi-customizable to the vision preferences of each shooter.

3. Windage and elevation adjustable

4. For those with moderate degrees of compromised vision.

The ATDDS is only iron sight where an illuminated front sight alone, in subdued light, and without the ability to see the rear sight, is capable of making an accurate shot at combat distances. Of a different design than our ATPS Fireflies, the ATDDS is the most capable frontsight oriented handgun sight in the industry, whether in daylight or darkened situations. See adiamond in daylight or darkness and make your shot. The ATDDS rear sight obscures portions of the front sight to create a diamond sight picture, whether in daylight or subdued light. The ATDDS features an all steel rear sight base, steel front sight base, and our unique glowing Dark Diamond Firefly front sights. The ATDDS coral and yellow Firefly colors are standard with each sight set. We also have an aqua and lime-green upgrade, for those who desire more front sight color options. In addition, for those with yet to be designated Dark Diamond front sight colors, we have extra front and rear sight Dark Diamond bases, at a reduced price.

ATPS COSUB:  This is a top picatinny mounted sight system. It is appropriate for AR co-witness (visible in bottom 1/3 of optic.), as well as AR primary sight. It may be used on an AK, any carbine with a picatinny and submachine guns. The ATPS COSUB comes with 5 differently colored front sights and 5 differently colored rear sights, is windage and elevation adjustable, and also is appropriate for our Firefly front sight night sight system.



FIREFLY GENERATION II:  The two new day colors are coral and lime. The coral glows light orange and the lime glows green. With dilated eyes, expect 6 hours of glow time with the coral and 8 hours with the lime.