ATS COSUB - co-witness &submachine gun

COSUB closeup final.jpg
COSUB closeup final.jpg

ATS COSUB - co-witness &submachine gun

from 139.49

from $139.49

Designed for speed, precision, and clarity of sight picture, our ATS COSUB sight is appropriate

for most AR’s, AK’s, Submachine Guns, and Carbines.  The ATS COSUB is appropriate as a

primary sight, as well as co-witness and back-up sight.  Each sight kit includes:

    COSUB mount, clamps, and rear sight

    5 differently colored front sights

    5 differently colored rear sight inserts

    .044" of elevation shim

    (pink = .015", clear = .008", tan = .004", red = .002")

    Front and rear sight set screw hex keys

   **Firefly upgrade optional

Amount of needed shim will vary, depending on firearm, caliber, load, and particular barrel

and/or rail.  Approximately, each increment of .002" to .0025” of elevation shim will affect bullet

impact by 1" at 25 yards.  The ATS COSUB does not need professional installation.  

Product ID: ATS00470 - standard sight set

Product ID: ATS00471 - standard sight set + with firefly

With Firefly::
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