“I've enjoyed using the sight immensely, and I and my staff have used it with great accuracy as far out as 100 yards on 10 steel plates. I constantly get questions about it as I travel throughout the state.“

Sgt. Garrett Fiveash, Georgia State Patrol Training Division



  • When buying directly from us, we offer wholesale pricing to all active and retired U.S. military with proper ID, as well as to U.S. and Canadian law enforcement agencies and sworn law enforcement personnel with proper ID. We also have additional discounts for department wide sales.
  • For testing purposes, one sight may be purchased at the discounted pricing and returned for a full refund, should you be dissatisfied with your findings.
  • For individual officer or individual military discounts, either email to (also CC -, or fax your officer or military ID to 505-466-1881. We will return email our LE/Military discount code.
  • For department wide discounts, please call for pricing: 310-316-6413.
  • Shipping and export documentation fees may apply to all LE/Military sales.
  • Does not apply to any of our Seconds products.


                            Smith & Wesson M&P

                            Smith & Wesson M&P



                                        Kimber 1911

                                        Kimber 1911


1) that when enough officers in any one department are using the Advantage Tactical Sight, the over all department qualifying scores will go up.

2) that the qualifying scores will rise among those officers with aging eyes or other  vision challenged officers, as a result of using the Advantage Tactical Sight.

3) the likelihood of decreased liability, as a result of using the Advantage Tactical Sight.



There have been four distinctive tiers to Advantage Tactical’s involvement with law enforcement. 

1) Not long after we started marketing the Advantage Tactical Sight (ATS), we had occasional calls from LE armorers seeking a remedy to a problem that, to some degree, most police departments have.  Certain officers seemed to be having trouble qualifying with traditional sights and wanted to try ours, as a possible remedy. To the individual case, the inability to qualify was resolved within a few magazines of practice with the ATS.  Increasingly, police departments across the U.S. began to approve our sights for the purpose of helping those officers having difficulties with qualifying.

2)  We then began to get calls from older officers with plummeting qualifying scores. The culprit seems to have been eyesight changes and the accompanying difficulty of adequately seeing traditional post-and-notch and 3-dot sights.  To the person, once the ATS was approved, these officers have reported either better scores or a resumption of previous qualifying scores, from a time when eyesight had not been an issue.

3) Currently, a new consideration for the ATS by law enforcement is somewhat based on the above two phenomenon:  The current thinking is that if those who are less adept at shooting, and those with vision problems can shoot well, the ATS might be good for all.  With this thinking in mind, we are now shipping more sights to law enforcement, in general.  In addition, the Advantage Tactical Sight has grown more popular among SWAT team members, throughout the U.S.

4) We were informed of one additional conclusion that we had never considered.  It has been reported to us by those law enforcement agencies reviewing our sight system that if officers can shoot more accurately with the ATS, a department’s liability is likely to be less, as a result of those shootings.


       “I was comfortable with the Advantage Tactical Sight right away. The ATS will make the average shooter a good shooter and more confident in one’s abilities. The ATS is currently on my Glock 21 duty gun and my Glock 23 off duty gun .“

Joe Hall, Senior Corporal, Palos Verdes Estates Police Dept., California
Entry Team Leader / Swat Team Member / Handler / FBI Swat School Graduate / Distinguished Expert (the only Palos Verdes police office with this Classification) / Warrant Officer, 40th Infantry Division, Provost Marshal



*QUICKER LEARNING CURVE - the ATS is quick to learn for new and less experienced shooters.  Less time is required to teach sight acquisition with the ATS, compared to all horizontally aligned post-and-notch and three-dot sighting systems.  Just tell the new shooter to build a pyramid and place the very tip-top of the pyramid on where you want the round to go.  This is much faster than teaching one to use a post-and-notch or or three-dot sight.

*COVERS LESS OF THE TARGET - the ATS with its pyramid configuration,

  more than any other sight, allows greater target area visibility. 

 *THE ANSWER FOR AGING EYES - a real help for those

  with compromised vision.  The bright and clear ATS sight picture allows

  those with vision challenges to once again be effective with an iron sight.

  As America ages, there are many who want and need sights that are

  highly visible and easy to see.

 *A PERSONALIZED IRON SIGHT - only the ATS may be personalized to

  the vision, shooting style, and the particular firearm and load of each

  shooter.  It is only fixed sight that is adjustable for elevation, windage, and color preference.


  and rear sights come in five distinctive, highly florescent, interchangeable   

  colored inserts - red, yellow, orange, white and green.  One can choose

  any of 25 different color combinations for individualized color preference. 

  Of course all five colors come with each sight set. 

 *FULLY ADJUSTABLE FIXED SIGHT - The ATS, unlike any other fixed sight, can

  be adjusted for both elevation and windage.  Elevation adjustment is

  accomplished by WrenTech’s unique patent pending shim system.

 *LOW AMBIENT LIGHT - the ATS is the most visible of any iron sight in low

  ambient light where the overwhelming majority of tactical situations occur.  The large

  florescent inserts of the ATS are visible and easily acquired in diminished

  ambient light where fiber optics cease to glow and where tritium “night sights”

  still need more darkened environments.

We asked Advantage Tactical for a set for their sights to test and evaluate for a scheduled equipment upgrade of our duty pistols.   After a thorough, several month evaluation and comparison of the Advantage Tactical Sight with the products of several other sight makers, we found the Advantage Tactical Sight to be the most superior in all but one of test criteria.   The Advantage Tactical Sight was the most visible in most lighting situations, including diminished ambient light, it was the fastest sight to acquire in tactical situations, the most accurate sight of the group, the easiest to teach new and/or less experienced personal to use, and the most durable.  The only drawback was the inability to see the Advantage Tactical Sight in extremely darkened situations.   It is our recommendation that we complete the upgrade of our duty guns to the Advantage Tactical Sight.

R. Palmer

Assistant Lead Firearms Instructor

State of California

Department of Insurance, Fraud Division


* FIREFLY NIGHT SIGHT UPGRADE -- FOR THOSE THAT NEED TO SEE IN DARKNESS  - Firefly front sight inserts will glow for many hours with a short exposure to a strong light source, for example:  1 minute of strong summer (winter sun is less) sunlight;  positioning the firefly 1” to 2” under a 75 watt lamp; 45+ seconds directly under a ultra violet source, will produce sustained glow for a prolonged duration of time.  In addition, when the glow has finally diminished or is close to the end of a glow duration, just two seconds of a tactical light will bring back the glow for a significant amount of time.  Once charged, casual exposure to some ambient, will increase glow time duration.  The Fireflies never wear out or lose their glow capabilities.  One may expect decades of use with the Firefly.



The Advantage Tactical Firefly front sight inserts, the newest Advantage Tactical product, incorporate the latest chemical and manufacturing technology to produce glow in darkness, Your Firefly night sight upgrade will swap out with any of our standard nylon front sight inserts, for all of our products. The Fireflies come two per package -- one in the yellow spectrum and done in the green spectrum. Your Firefly insert upgrades with glow for many hours with a short exposure to a strong light source. The more you use them, the quicker and longer they seem to glow. Expect decades of firefly use.

June 2011: My father just got to try out his ATS yesterday. You asked for feedback on them. First of all, we received them very quickly, so thank you for getting them sent out so quickly. My father choose to go with an orange rear sight and white front sight. These worked best for his eyes. He has been shooting for several years and even has competed in some matches as a novice for about a year but recently his eyes at age 62 have gotten worse and he now has cancer and is going through chemo and his eyes have gotten even worse recently, to the point that last time he shot he was shooting all over a human size target at 7 we went to the range yesterday....he shot 200 rounds with the ATS...he loved the sights, can see them and was able, after a couple of mags, to keep 9/10 and 10/10 on a paper plate at 7 yards pretty consistently. So there you have it.....thanks again!!!