I have always been an unabashed 45 gap fan.  I know, I know, it will never upend the king, the 45 acp.  However, from a strictly academic point of view, the 45 gap is a more efficient cartridge.  One can get the same velocity as the acp, with 5 to 7 tenths of a grain less powder.  In addition, the felt recoil is less and it’s just as accurate as the best acp loads.  Anyway, I've got two Glock 37's and one Glock 38. 

The attached 5 shot group was from a new load.  I had saved 12 rounds -- 7 for the chronograph and 5 for a careful off-hand attempt at a good 25-yard group. One of my 37's, right out of the box,  is probably the most accurate pistol I own.  Take a look at that group.  This new load is an all around recipe for hiking on the trial, competition, and maybe even a good enough defensive load.  Here's what it is:  HSM plated 230 grain round nose flat point and 4.4 grains of Titegroup powder.  I get 815 fps and it’s accurate and very pleasant to shoot.  So, I am not embarrassed to admit, I do have a cartridge fetish.  Other favorites are the 38 special, the 32 acp, the 10mm, and the 6.5X55 Swedish Mauser.