Glow Signature:

By glow signature we mean the ease of noticing the Firefly glow in a dark room. A police department in the south once tested our Fireflies for glow signature.  They found that unless you were specifically looking for the glow, you wouldn’t notice it, even in a dark room with no other electronic devices.  In a dark room with other electronic devices — cell phone chargers, tv lights, computers lights, etc. — it wouldn’t stand out at all. For those truly concerned about stealth in a dark room, a little black modeling paint on the front and sides of Firefly would remedy the problem. Of course, anything that glows may always be seen in a dark room.

Tritiums vs The Firefly:

Most leave their tritiums on their pistols much too long, often longer than they’ve cased to be useful.  Many not only walk around with tritiums that are too dim, they may walk around with tritums in a completely burned out state before actually opting for new replacements.  If you come from a lighted (daylight) environment into a dark one (dark room) with dimmer tritiums, and you’ll need to wait until your eyes dilate, before you can see them.  With the Fireflies, one second - a brush stroke with a tac light — and your partially charged Firefly will beam again.  Can’t do that with tritiums!   Don’t drop that tritium on the ground or bang it too hard going around that wall.  A tritium gas canister may crack and go dead.  A 2-dot tritium in a 3-dot system is as useful a two-legged tripod.   

Front Sight Integrity:

Our ATS product, both the ATPS and the ATDDS, are now represented in police departments in various parts of our country, by rank and file officers and even some SWAT.  To date, we’ve never had complaints about the integrity of our ATPS or ATDDS front sights.  Some officers have voiced concerns before implementing them, but none have reported actual failures to us, once they were is use. Our Fireflies our particularly hardy, with the larger Dark Diamond Firefly front sight being the hardiest, due to the increased thickness of the tough nylon we use for the ATDDS front sights.

Holster Fit:

Our sights will fit many holsters, though not all. We typically say that the purpose of shooting is to hit the intended target, to protect your colleagues and the public, to do less or no collateral damage, and to avoid law suits. One should first choose a sight system that unquestionably works best. Carrying should be a secondary consideration. If either an ATPS or ATDDS truly works the best, then choose an appropriate holster. One customer summed it up rather nicely: “He said, “one should match a pistol to a holster, not a holster to a pistol”. Anyway, that’s our opinion.