Now that we are shipping our new coral and lime fireflies, what is the best — a coral Firefly, a lime Firefly, or one of our florescent nylon front sight inserts?

The following are suggestions to think about: 
1)  The lime Firefly will glow the brightest and longest (about 8 hrs.), though it is not quite as colorful in dim light as the coral.
2)  The coral Firefly does not glow as brightly or as long (about six hours in darkness with dilated eyes) as the lime Firefly.  However, it is very noticeable in dim light, even in a non-charged state.
3)  Our florescent nylon (non-glow) inserts are very bright in daylight and can be seen outdoors after the sun has set, as long as there is some light left in the sky, and before sunrise, when the sky has some degree of light.  They are relatively bright in these conditions, because the pre-dawn and after-sunset sky is filled with ultra violet light.  UV light causes our florescent inserts, both front and rear sight inserts, to glow in a shadowy, uv light filled sky.

My personal choice of carry, at this time: 
            a.  When a pistol is a dedicated low-light or night carry, I go for the lime Firefly front and a red nylon rear sight insert.
            b.  When a pistol is for both day and night carry, as well as carry in “iffy” lighting (dim shadowy lighting), I go with a coral firefly and either a green or white rear sight insert.
            c.  When a pistol is for recreational and hunting usage, I go with an orange florescent nylon front sight insert and a green florescent nylon rear sight insert.
These are just my personal choices, based on my needs and what I see best.  Let us know what combinations work for you and in what situations.

Richard (ATS)