In response to the many requests from our customers, we are now shipping
CORAL (colored) Fireflies and a newer LIME (colored) Firefly:

* The Coral Firefly glows light coral for approximately 6 hours with dilated eyes.
* The Lime Firefly glows lime/green for 8 hours with dilated eyes.
*  Both coral and lime Fireflies will hold charges for decades.
*  Day colors of both the Coral and Lime Fireflies are bright.
*  Both Coral and Lime fireflies have fluorescent properties that allow low light recognition, even when not charged to glow.
*  Dimensionally the same as our nylon front sight inserts.

NOTE 1:  A fun way to test out your new Fireflies:  Before retiring for the evening, hold your new Firefly under a 75 watt (or greater) light bulb, about 1” from the bulb, for about 90 seconds.   You may also hold it under an ultra violet flashlight or a strong tac-light for about 45 seconds, to get a full charge.  Then, place the Firefly by your bed.  When you awake in the early morning, in a dimly lit bedroom, your well-dilated eyes should still see a glowing Firefly, though it will be less bright than when you originally charged it.  Your Firefly should spike very bright, when first charged, even in a lighted room.  After a few minutes, you’ll need to be in a darkened environment to see the Firefly glow for many hours.  When moving back and forth from a brightly lighted environment (outside daylight) into a darkened room, you should see the Firefly glow for about an hour and a half or so, unless you stay in the room for a few minutes to allow your eyes to dilate.   A few hours into a charge, if your Firefly is not bright enough for your immediate needs, hit your now partially charged Firefly with a tac-light or a uv flashlight for about a second, to see the glow pop back. 

NOTE 2: responses to firefly glow duration are contingent upon eyesight, age, and degree of eye dilation at the time of glow exposure.
NOTE 3: choose the Firefly that you see best in daylight; the glow capability is your back-up when needed.
NOTE 4:  Generation II Fireflies replace the now out-of-stock Gen. 1 Fireflies. For the time being, Gen. 1 for Gen. II exchanges are not available.

NOTE 5:  We have reduced the price of Fireflies:  $32.00 for a 2 Firefly packet and $17.00 for individual Fireflies