In most writings on self-defense and tactical firearm use, hearing protection rarely gets the ink space it deserves. The links in this post are to articles that offer opinions concerning information and considerations for recreational and non-recreational firearm usage, from a hearing health point of view. The author’s position, in the article Gun “Silencers” Don’t Make Them Anywhere Near Silent, is that suppressors do not work the way they should. His argument may be largely correct; however, if you devote the time to correctly setting up your suppressed defensive firearm, many of the author’s stated negatives may be avoided. If one uses a pistol with sufficient barrel length, a good suppressor, and a sub-sonic round, sound may be relegated to the less than harmful realm, even indoors. Personally, I use a generation three (not four) Glock 17, Silencerco’s Osprey suppressor, and the Remington 9mm 147 grain High Terminal Performance Sub-Sonic -- a very good dedicated suppressor round. Other ingredients are a KKM threaded barrel and, of course, our Advantage Tactical Firefly Sight. Outdoors, slide movement is all you hear on the Glock 17, while indoors you might hear a manageable pop.

Again, the issues are having a good suppressor and a firearm recoil spring that will cycle standard sub-sonic rounds. The Glock 17 gen three cycles well sub-sonic rounds, though the double spring system of a generation four may not, as will not a favorite Sig Sauer 2022 9mm. Those pistols, with unaltered recoil springs, will cycle a stouter 147 grain 9mm, though the louder report is counter intuitive to what we’d like to achieve.

To all of our customers, protect your hearing and have a plan to protect your hearing in all firearm situations. Favoring less complicated access to suppressors is positive for public health. There seems to be a correlation between a longer and healthier life and being more socially interactive. There is also a tendency for those suffering from hearing loss to be less socially engaging with friends and even family members. Good hearing, as opposed to diminished hearing, means better health. Here are two great articles to check out on this.



Richard (ATS)