My favorite subject - Sleeper Pistols

There is nothing like finding a great pistol -- one that may have not received enough deserved kudos -- at a great price.  And so it goes for my two favorite sleepers: 

The Sig Sauer 2022 and the sleepiest of the sleepers, the Smith & Wesson SD. Sig Sauer 2022:  I’ve written about this one before.  It’s been around awhile and has withstood many exploits.  The French have put it through paces in their testing and some say it has even been torture tested beyond the venerable Glock 17.  Bruce Gray of Gray Guns, the well-known custom gun builder and the first to be recommended by Sig Sauer for customizations of their firearms, says it’s his preferred carry pistol.  In a conversation with him a while back, he admitted he could carry any pistol but prefers the 2022. 
Though I am a 357 sig fan, I am a little uneasy with most polymers pistols in this caliber. They do not seem to do well with the 357 sig round over time.  I called Sig about their 40 cal 2022 with a 357 sig barrel.  They assured me that their 2022 357’s do very well and have not failed.  I quick call to Bruce also confirmed this.  He did suggest that I change out the recoil spring every 2,000 rounds or so.  So, if you don’t mind a DA/SA trigger style, you can get this great working pistol for under $500.  Think of it as the AK-47 of polymer pistols, in that they are a hardy piece.  The price was certainly right when got my 2022’s for $425 and $450.  When hiking in black bear and cougar country, I’ll sure be tot’ng a Sig 2022 in 357 sig.   Besides, it’s just as accurate as any of my high-end Sigs.  In addition, if you want to slick up the trigger and action on your 2022, give Bruce of Gray Guns a call.  They’ve got a 2022 package that makes a great pistol an even greater pistol.
Smith & Wesson SD -- the sleepiest of the sleepers; what a pistol!  I find the SD, right out of the box, easier to shoot than it’s M&P big brother.  I had a SD 9mm and just recently purchased a used, though unblemished, SD 40 for $250.  It takes the same sights as the M&P, so I attired my new SD with our Advantage Tactical Sight (orange rear and green firefly front), and took it out for a spin.  Recoil was very mild in this light pistol and my first off-hand group at 25 yards measured 3”.  I then did a few speed runs on steel and USPSA targets.  I promptly rang all the steel and put all shots in the “A” zone.  How about that for a $250 gun?  A couple of buddies also bought one as a “truck gun”.  I don’t know; it is a $250 gun, but it shoots and performs so well that it has more value to me than a mere ‘truck gun”.  On the other hand, I’ve got a hiccupping high-dollar 1911; maybe that one could be my truck gun, as long as I kept 7-shot mags stuffed with hardball only. 

Richard (ATS)