What is the greatest threat to the 2nd amendment?

This is just my opinion, however; talking to others in the firearm industry, shooting club members and administrators, etc., perhaps the main/greatest threat is not ill conceived anti-gun laws introduced by municipal and state governments.  It may be the loss of a generation of shooters that would protect our shooting institutions and, by association, our 2nd amendment.
In a cursory survey of a few shooting clubs and their memberships, the average age of the membership is mid-40’s.  Should this trend continue, there could be fewer younger firearm enthusiasts, in great enough numbers, to carry on our country’s shooting heritage.  Once we loose a generation that cares, the threat to the 2nd amendment and our shooting tradition would become very serious, to say the least.
Our shooting tradition and heritage is no longer a “good old boys” endeavor.  We -- everyone involved in the shooting world -- must take an interest in fostering newer generations of shooters.  We need to find ways to include and promote fun, healthy, informative, and rewarding shooting experiences to women and families.  

Richard (ATS)