WE’VE GO TWO NEW PRODUCTS:  The Remington R1 1911 and the Rock Island Armory 1911 Advantage Tactical Sights are now on our store.  We’ve been asked by fans of these two pistols to produce sights for them; AND HERE THEY ARE!  All 1911 45’s with ATS’s should start with approximately .023” (one pink and one clear) of elevation shim, give or take .003” of shim in either direction.  That amount of elevation shim should zero most 200/230 grain bullets at 25 yards or be very close to it.  There may be a slight amount of shim variance, due to individual pistol preference and particular load. For the 9mm RIA, we used just one .015” (pink) shim to zero a 115  bullet from a factory cartridge. 

Of course, the Rem. R1 and the RIA will take our glowing Firefly night sight upgrade for the front sight.  The Firefly night sight upgrade may be purchased, in addition to the regular sight set.  Our standard sight set for 1911s includes a steel rear sight base with a yellow insert installed, a steel front sight base with a red front sight insert installed, four additional rear sight inserts, four additional front sight inserts, elevation shims, and a hex key for both the rear and front sight set screws. 

Though our highly florescent nylon colored inserts show well in low light, especially outdoors in the ultra violent enhanced after sunset sky, those that need even more low light capability may also purchase our Firefly front sight upgrade.  Fireflies come two colors per pack -- yellow spectrum and green spectrum.  Please be aware the Fireflies are florescent as well as luminescent.  Though Fireflies have florescent capability, they will charge when they encounter ultraviolet light.

Please read the installation instructions carefully.  Only the ATS dovetail front sights are a press fit.