Most would be hard pressed to find documented cases of darkened environment gun-fights that occurred more than a few feet away.  The great majority of truly darkened tactical encounters occur at arms and not much beyond.  Those that would expend the time to align three dimly lit dots, at that distance from the bad guy, would be in jeopardy of losing that encounter.  Other than for entertainment, it doesn’t seem that anyone shoots in the dark at distance.  By distance, I mean 5 yards and beyond.  Also, it might be prudent to remember that should you be able to barely see a close though darkened target, well enough to align night sights, that target can also see you.  The fantasy that one’s night sights make one invisible to a bad guy, who may be looking in your direction, is just a fantasy.

For most, in very low light to dark tactical distances, point and retention shooting may be the best option, as long as one retained those shooting skills with dedicated practice.  Take some time off from point shooting or shooting from retention, and one’s speed and accuracy will likely suffer.  In comes the Advantage Tactical Firefly Night Sight: 

The Firefly night sight was conceptualized to facilitate point shooting, even and especially, in the absence of sustained point shooting practice.  The Firefly, from a dimensional point of view, is the easiest and quickest glowing and non-glowing (too) front sight to see in the industry.  Out to five yards or so, just cover the target with either  a glowing Firefly front sight or a non-glowing one, should you be under more ambient light favorable conditions.  The idea is to acclimate to covering the target with the most efficient glowing and non-glowing front sight in the industry and fire.  For the most part, this takes the guesswork out of non-sighted point shooting. It is a more consistent and reliable procedure.