HOW NOT TO GET BEHIND AS A NEW SHOOTER:  The letter below is from a rather large police agency -- the Calif. Dept. of Insurance, Fraud Division. In subsequent conversations with a spokesman from that agency, I learned that the new recruits, who had also experienced other sight platforms, kept asking for the Advantage Tactical Sight. They not only shot their best (accurately and quickly) with the ATS, but they learned to do so in a shorter amount of time, compared to more traditional sights.  Therefore, we guarantee that if you are new shooter, you will also shoot better and learn to do so more quickly with the Advantage Tactical Sight. The ATS is a way to get up to speed in a lesser amount of time. As an addendum, we now have the Advantage Tactical Firefly Night Sight upgrade, for those who require very low light tactical sighting

”We asked Advantage Tactical for a set for their sights to test and evaluate for a scheduled equipment upgrade of our duty pistols.  After a thorough, several month evaluation and comparison of the Advantage Tactical Sight with the products of several other sight makers, we found the Advantage Tactical Sight to be the most superior in all but one of test criteria. The Advantage Tactical Sight was the most visible in most lighting situations, including diminished ambient light, it was the fastest sight to acquire in tactical situations, the most accurate sight of the group, the easiest to teach new and/or less experienced personal to use, and the most durable.  The only drawback was the inability to see the Advantage Tactical Sight in extremely darkened situations. It is our recommendation that we complete the upgrade of our duty guns to the Advantage Tactical Sight."

R. Palmer

Assistant Lead Firearms Instructor

State of California

Department of Insurance, Fraud Division

Brooke Williams "New Shooter"

Brooke Williams "New Shooter"