You hear that question from all ages and circumstances, especially when a good part of your professional career has been counseling and listening.  Well, this is how Annie Oakley did it:   Practice with that firearm, until you can shoot the socks off, so to speak, all males in the vicinity.  Given that sometimes eccentric variables that cause men to be smitten, out shooting them will guarantee an entourage of suitors.  Read a little about Annie; it’s a nice, inspiring, and real American story........

Butler and Oakley

Annie's opponent in the match was Frank Butler, a sharp-shooter in the circus. He made the 80-mile trek from Cincinnati to rural Greenville, Ohio in the hopes of winning the $100 prize. Frank had been told only that he would be up against a local crack shot. Assuming that his competitor would be a farm boy, Frank was shocked to see the petite, attractive 20-year old Annie Moses. He was even more surprised that she beat him in the match.

Frank, ten years older than Annie, was captivated by the quiet young woman. He returned to his tour and the two corresponded by mail for several months. They were married sometime in 1882, but the exact date has never been verified.

Once married, Annie traveled with Frank on tour. One evening, Frank's partner became ill and Annie took over for him at an indoor theater shoot. The audience loved watching the five-foot-tall woman who easily and expertly handled a heavy rifle. Annie and Frank became partners on the touring circuit, billed as "Butler and Oakley." It is not known why Annie picked the name Oakley; possibly it came from the name of a neighborhood in Cincinnati.

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