You may have a well-chosen firearm, be well practiced with it, and even have a operational plan, if you are ever so unfortunate to be home invaded.  However, how about your hearing?  Will the vanquishing of invaders leave you hearing impaired?

Home invasions may unfold rather quickly.  Will you have time to retrieve hearing protection?  This is my solution:  It’s an S&W M&P 9mm, with a Silencerco Osprey suppressor, M3 Tac light, and our ATS with a green Firefly front and yellow insert on the rear.  I charge the Firefly before bed and it’s still glowing in the morning. 

The height of our Advantage Tactical Sight sights are somewhere between factory sights and dedicated suppressor sights.  It was serendipitous for us that are sights were just all enough to see over most of the newer crop of cans, yet low enough to fit in most holsters, when the can is removed.  The ATS seems to be rather popular on suppressor forums.  Also, please consider that a top of the line suppressor is well under a thousand bucks, while a first rate pair of hearing aids is anywhere from $5,000 to $6,000.