THREE THINGS YOU HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT GUN ACQUISITION:  The three most important things about choosing a firearm are:  1) be sure it works all the time; 2) make sure it suits your needs 3) make sure the sight really works for you. Whatever firearm you choose, regardless of price point, make sure it works all the time.  By “all the time” I mean even when you are shooting it somewhat dirty, strong hand, weak hand, and even when you limp wrist it a little.  All of these situations are possible scenarios.  Confidence in your equipment is directly related to peace of mind, and peace of mind is an important factor in gun ownership and usage. 

We all need to think through why we are acquiring a particular firearm. Whether your choice involves multiple tasks for that firearm -- protection, recreation, concealed carry, for example, or one specific purpose, forethought is a good thing and makes for better investments.  Recreating with your firearm choices, especially with a defense gun, is really important.  Practice may not make perfect, but it does contribute towards proficiency.  

“A sight is to a handgun what a rudder is to a yacht.” (I just made that up)  You can have the finest yacht on the sea, but if your rudder is not working well for you, you won’t enjoy your investment as much.  The same goes with the sight on your handgun:  Don’t choose a sight because it simply glows in the dark, or everyone else’s sight has three dots.  Choose a sight that you shoot well, under the normal circumstances that you shoot and practice, whether it’s our sight or another company’s.  The more you shoot with the sight that you shoot best, the more you’ll want to shoot, the more proficient you’ll become, and the more you’ll commit successful shooting skills to motor memory.  This is what will help in tactical situations, unlikely as they may be.