What has your shooting experience been, when comparing the standard nylon insert to the Firefly?  Let us and our viewers know your findings.  These are mine:

Just last weekend I shot my third USPSA match with the Firefly. I can now safely say that, for me, the Firefly seems to be faster than our standard nylon front sight inserts which are already pretty fast.  At my age, I have no delusions about action pistol fame, so I just shoot matches for fun with an untuned gun, the way it came right out of the box.  For last Saturday’s match, I was shooting in the “limited 10” division with a Sig Sauer 2022 in 40 cal.  I bought it last month for $450.  I put the ATS on it, with a yellow Firefly front.  Though it came with 12-shot mags, I already had enough 10-shot mags to run a match with it.

I thought it was really going to be a bad shooting day for me, as I was coming back from a 3-month lay off, back surgery, the craziness of the shot show, and the flu. However, I placed somewhere in the middle of the pack.  I felt good about the way I shot that day, especially since my fellow competitors were younger and had more competition appropriate equipment.  The Firefly really helped.  While the Firefly is dimensionally the same size as our standard nylon inserts, the large, bright, all yellow Firefly appeared bigger at the end of the pistol, when compared to our standard nylon inserts.  It made acquisition really fast for the closer shots and, after some transition time from the nylon inserts and acquisition to the Firefly, I felt I was just as fast on the longer shots, too. There was one stage where we had to shoot from inside a barrel.  I don’t know about the other competitors, but my front sight was glowing and clear on the target in the darkened tunnel.

Currently, I am in the process outfitting all my personal guns with the Firefly though, strangely enough, not just for the Firefly’s glow capability. I’m opting for the Firefly for one reason -- it’s an even faster set-up that happens to glow and will last forever.  I am wondering what others’ experiences have been with the Firefly, vs the standard nylon front sight inserts.  Let us know, if you would.

As an aside, the Sig Sauer 2022 is really a sleeper of a pistol and the best bargain on the market. When I have occasion to call Sig Sauer for something, and subsequently praise the 2022, the attendant on the other end invariably praises that pistol and admits that it is a personal favorite.  I am now on Sig’s waiting list to get a .357 sig barrel for the 40 cal 2022.