One question that occasionally popped up at Show Show 2104 was whether or not the Firefly was a stealth night sight.  Of course, to be polite, I did not ask how the concept of stealth would fit into the life style of the questioner.  However, there were questions about the stealth aspects of the Firefly from those who might have legitimate concerns about that topic.  Those questions were from law enforcement and security contractors. 

As all may know, the Firefly can be seen glowing from the front and sides.  For me, this has never been a problem, as I would not be lying in wait or tailing a “bad guy” for any reason.  My need for a night sight would be quick and immediate and stealth would not be an issue.  Anyway, with that question, I grabbed a black Sharpie from the exhibitors in the next booth and proceeded to darken the front and sides of the Firefly with the Sharpie.  I then charged it and placed in our display dark box for Firefly viewing, with with the muzzle (the slide only not the whole firearm) towards me, and guess what?  You couldn’t see the Firefly from the front or sides.  That was just a quick fix type of thing.  The Sharpie ink is a little porous and a modeling paint of some sort would definitely be more fetching look.  The point is, if you really think you need to have the fireflies not be seen from the front or sides, just grab a Sharpie and give it a few passes.  Of course from less than a 90° angle, it could clearly be seen, no matter how stealth the intention.  This would be so, with any night sight.  In addition, in a truly darkened situation, all bright night sights can be seen from almost any angle.  This story ends end when I got home from shot show, retrieved some gun solvent, and expunged the Sharpie evidence.  I just didn’t want that stuff on my nice Firefly.