LIGHT’EM UP NOW OR WHENEVER NEEDED:  We are happy announce that we have found, and will make available on our web store, a really great compact Firefly insert charge source.  It’s the “Inova” ulta-violet microlight.  It is a very handy and hardy quick charge light that attaches to a key chain.  The light itself is very robust, as is the key chain attachment.  The unit is almost indestructible and the key chain portion will not pull off.  The whole thing is small enough to just about disappear on your key chain.

How to use: When you’ve got a partially charged Firefly, just a pass the UV light (1 second), across a Firefly, as if you were making a brush stroke. The Inova’s ultraviolet light will make the Firefly pop again for a good duration of time. Though a larger light source is preferred for a complete charge, a one minute plus charge of the Inova should bring back Firefly glow for a prolonged time, when no other charge source is available.  The Inova UV Microlight will retail for $9.99 on our website and will accompany periodic promotions.