THE LURE OF LITTLE GUNS:  Sometimes a little gun just seems more apropos, given one’s attire, climate, or simply a need to travel lighter.  Pictured is the Advantage Tactical Sight on our “little guns”:  The Sig Sauer 938 (pictured) and 238; the Springfield XDs, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield; the Taurus 709/740 slim, and Glock 42 (with Firefly).

The interesting thing about the ATS on these little guns is how relatively accurate at distance they are, compared to the factory sights that were attached to them. Of course, one can always argue that shooting a decent group is not the main intent with these little pistols. To that I respond that you just never know when an accurate shot may be required. From the inception of firearms, hitting the target has always been the goal. So, why not be able to do it with your sub-compacts, too. Because the ATS is adjustable, you can zero your load to whatever distance seems appropriate. Sight acquisition with the ATS on these pocket-heaters remains quick; and, of course, the Firefly night sight upgrade works on all.