GLOCK 42 CAL. 380:  This pistol will not stay on the shelves of gun shops in Santa Fe.   We’ve been beseeched with emails about whether we will make a sight for this narrow slide Glock.  The answer is yes we will, if I ever get my hands on one to take measurements.  We will do this because the Glock 42 is an enormously popular pistol in 380, and you just know Glock will eventually have one in 9mm, too.  Even though the 42 is a close quarter affair, it’s always good to be able to make a precise shot when needed.  The ATS has been great for precise shooting on a variety of small guns:  Sig Sauer 938 and 238, the M&P Shield, the Taurus 709/740, and the Springfield XDs.  One can actually shoot a decent group with the ATS on these pistols at 25 yards, believe it or not.  So, we want to add the Glock 42 to our little gun category.

The technical part:  Our Glock rear sight is actually less wide than the Glock 42 slide.  The problem is that the rear sight dovetail of the 42 slide has a radiused edge.  We believe that we’ll need to narrow our Glock rear sight, to accommodate the narrower dovetail.  Without doing that our rear sight may stick out over the radiused edges of the rear sight dovetail, though not beyond the slide itself.  It’s really an aesthetic issue.

If we do this, we’ll probably need to trim the rear sight to the degree that will prevent rear sight color changes. Therefore, we are only going to offer the Glock 42 in two color combos:  red rear sight insert (permanently affixed) with yellow front Firefly, and white rear sight insert (permanently affixed) with green Firefly.  You’ll need to choose the desired color combo when ordering.  The price will be somewhere between a pistol sight set without firefly and pistol price sight set with firefly.  Actually, it will probably be just $10 more than the standard pistol sight set, though we won’t know for sure until the alterations have been completed.