Those who have been following us over the years, may had heard of this future product debut, “The Advantage Tactical Stealth Light”.  It is a tiny light, no larger than a Bluetooth device that would attach to a hat, clip to glasses or go behind the ear, right in line with the eye and how the eye would align with sights.  It would allow ultra violet waves to light up our standard nylon florescent inserts, as one presented the firearm.  This would be quite a project, because not only will the light itself be small, all light waves, other than the invisible UV waves, would be suppressed.  The ATS Stealth Light would allow users to illuminate their sights as needed and maintain them in a darkened state for stealth situations.  We actually already have the technology to do it; we just need to get started by adding it to our “to do” projects. When I first spoke about this, most were positive, but there were detractors, and I think the points of those detractors were well founded. Some thought that the addition of the ATS Stealth light would just be another piece of equipment that one would need to have, in an ever increasing world of adornments for firearms. I found that argument to be relevant and understandable.; However, the purpose of this particular night sight innovation would be to equip the professional -- SWAT, our own border patrol, entry teams, special forces, etc. -- with a way to illuminate the ATS when needed and, most importantly, to maintain stealth when illumination is not needed. Press a button to illuminate, press it again to turn it off.

Now for the fun part:  You can have a uv florescent nylon insert experience right now, for just a few bucks.  The internet is replete with those selling uv cap lights -- uv lights that attach to the brim of a hat.  Mainly, these lights are used by night fishermen,  as well as pest exterminators.  Those that night fish need to observe florescent nylon fishing line movement in the dark.  Bug exterminators, especially scorpion exterminators, use the uv-black light to find expose insects with phosphorescent body fluids.   If you decide to pop for one of these devices, you’ll really have lot of fun.  Amazingly, it will light up our inserts in the dark, as if there were a lamp under them.  It has definite entertainment value.  I have to admit that before we had the firefly (and sometimes even now), I’d keep a baseball cap with a uv cap light attached next to the bed, along with hearing protection and the firearm.  Of course, that inexpensive cap light does not suppress visible light waves as the Stealth Light would; however, for home defensive purposes, it works great, especially the smaller units. Right now we are looking for an appropriate -- price and size -- uv cap light that we could offer on our store, until our Stealth Light is ready to ship.  When we’ve found one, we’ll announce it and you’ll see it on the store.