One of the things we can do with our new website is to easily configure specials.  We’d like to offer, for retail sales only, FROM JAN. 20, NOT BEFORE, “ our New Year’s Long Gun Sale:  $30.00 discount on all of our long guns -- shotgun and guardian sights -- when purchased with any pistol sight + Firefly.  That would mean, for example, that a Remington shotgun sight set would be 109.95, instead of $139.95, when purchased with any pistol sight set + Firefly.  The reason why we are doing this is so that our customers can have a home defense system that is the same on both a handgun and long gun.  As many are now aware, each pistol sight set + Firefly comes with two Fireflies -- one in yellow spectrum and one in green spectrum.  You can put one Firefly on the pistol and one on the shotgun, since all front sight inserts swap out with each front sight in the ATS system. 

Which shotgun is best?  Get the most no-frills, plain-barreled (you need to have a plain barrel) shotgun you can find, without any extras and with just a bead for the front sight.  For example, get a Remington 870 with an 18” barrel, or a Mossberg 500 with a shorter barrel.  If you’d like an auto, get a no-frills Remington 1100 with a short plain barrel, for example.  Of course, there are also other shotguns of similar configurations from which to choose. 

Once you have the shotgun ATS on your scattergun, you will have the fastest tactical shotgun sight in the business, including optical sights.  At the moment you shoulder your shotgun, instantaneously, the pyramid will be there.  There is no need to spend extra time finding a dot in a window, looking through a hole, or moving the gun around to align a traditional iron sight.  In addition, your peripheral awareness will not be compromised, because you are staring through a hole or window.  The smaller, more sleek, and less adorned your shotgun, the faster it is to acquire and the easier it is to move through the hallways of your home, getting out of a car, or maneuvering around at a campsite. 

The ATS shotgun gives up nothing in accuracy to any iron sight for a shotgun, even a little.  Because the rear and front sights are far from the eye, both sights are in focus and crisp.  They are so fast that even some wing shooters are using them; however, different from a quick bead at end of a shotgun barrel, the shotgun ATS can be zeroed for slugs.  You’ll have no problem hitting targets at 100 yards with slugs; however, you’ll be faster than anybody else’s shotgun at closer ranges.  It is also important to note that no factory part of a no-frills shotgun will need to be removed to install a shotgun ATS. 

The code for $30 off of a shotgun sight, when purchased with any pistol sight + firefly is: (SPRING2014LG).  From Jan. 20, 2014 and not before.