As many by now may know, our green and yellow fireflies appear similar

in color, just out of the package. Once exposed to sunlight the yellow perks up and

becomes a bright yellow. The green perks up a little and both, in the presence of

sunlight, become more distinctive from each other. The glow colors, in darkness, are

very similar, though the green appears slightly more blue/green, while the yellow takes

on a green hue.

As an aside, glow color in a tactical situation is irrelevant, because the only pressing

issue is to clearly see a big glow. Perhaps it’s just me, but I perceive the blue/green

of the green firefly to glow a little brighter than the yellow, though the glow duration's of

both are the same. So how do I use each? Well, here’s what I do:

For a good all-around firefly color, I choose yellow. I put the yellow firefly on my longer

barreled pistols and I now shoot action competitions with the yellow firefly exclusively.

The picture of my XD 45 tactical is one I enjoy shooting in competitions. I find it very

fast at close range and, once you get used to the completely colored firefly, compared

to the standard nylon front sight inserts with their darkened portions, I find it just as

precise for the longer shots. It certainly is a good all-around day and night sight.

When it comes to a smaller carry pistol, like the pictured magnificent TMT Tactical

Glock 26 that was, by the way, featured on the cover of the Jan/Feb edition of American

Handgunner, I prefer the green. The green firefly seems very prominent in both the

non-glow and glow state on a shorter barreled pistol. What appears to me as being a

slightly brighter glow serves me well at the end of a glow duration where a little extra

brightness is appreciated.

An interesting side note is that, at first, I had a little trouble in the transition from our

standard nylon inserts to our firefly insert. It seemed that the completely colored firefly

was a little more awkward to align for a precise shot, when compared to our nylon

inserts where only the sighting (pentagon) portion was colored. However, this was all

temporary. Now, I align the fireflies for all shots just as fast and maybe even faster. In

fact, now that I’ve been exclusively using the firefly, I find that I miss the big color when

I'm using our standard front sight inserts.

All the above are just my own perceptions. As the firefly usage propagates, we should

get more feedback from users, concerning color and usage preferences. Soon, I’ll write

about the advantages of our standard pentagon nylon inserts vs the firefly. Both seem

to have their places.

IMG950168 12-29-13 image 1.jpg
IMG950185 12-29-13 image 2.jpg